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A Little Bit About Process Improvement in Healthcare And Us

Who are we & why have we created The Process Improvement in Healthcare website? My name is Ileana Vassiliou and I am the owner of Creating Effective Organizations based out of Reno, Nevada. I have over 25 years of progressive leadership and business experience with Fortune 500 companies. As founder of Creating Effective Organizations, Inc., I have led and conducted business in the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, South America and Asia. I have been implementing process improvement with many of the companies that we work with, but after a conversation with teammate Brian Dail I saw a missing link in the implementation of process improvement, especially in healthcare. Thus we decided to help hospitals better understand how to implement and utilize process improvement, so that they can optimize their results and make Lean sustainable.

lean implementation increases quality

Process Improvement in Healthcare Benefits You & Your Patients!

Process Improvement in Healthcare Benefits You & Your Patients!

Have you heard of Lean Manufacturing or the Toyota Production System? It is first and foremost a philosophy of leadership with a series of tools, which when properly taught & integrated into a process improvement system can greatly improve efficiency while increasing customer satisfaction. Lean began in manufacturing and led to great improvements. Lean is now moving into other industries, including the healthcare industry. Lean Methodology, when properly combined with a problem solving culture & process improvement system, leads to better efficiency, higher patient satisfaction, higher staff engagement and increased HCAHP scores.

Understanding The Importance of Your HCAHP Scores

HCAHP Scores are no longer optional scores published for the public. Soon they may have a significant impact on your hospital reimbursements from Medicare and other insurance providers. Although you understand the importance of your hospital’s HCAHP Scores, you may be wondering how you can improve them. That is where a process improvement system comes in. A Hospital with a process improvement system in place has higher patient satisfaction, higher staff engagement, better efficiency, and a culture that creates an environment of continuous improvement.

Learn More About How Process Improvement Can Help

Still not sure if Process Improvement is the correct fit for your hospital? Take a little while to browse the Process Improvement Blog. We provide examples, step-by-step how to’s and much more. You may also want to sign up to receive our FREE Report: “10 Things You Need To Know About Process Improvement in Healthcare.” This report is a summary of a book that I will be publishing early in 2013 (we will let you know when the book is available. It dives deeply into our Process Improvement philosophy and how/why Process Improvement may be a fit for your hospital).

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