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Process Improvement in Healthcare Training and Consulting – How To Choose A Process Improvement Consultant

So it is time to start implementing a Process Improvement system in your hospital. Where should you start? That is a great question. You should start by speaking with a Process Improvement consultant. Whether you decide to give us a call or seek out another Process Improvement consultant we have a couple things that you should look for before making the call.

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Choosing the right Lean Consultant can make all the difference.

First, we’ll talk about what kind of consultant you should not hire. We recommend that you speak with someone who does not just come in and teach the Lean tools en masse and then help you implement a project or two. We have not found that approach to Process Improvement sustainable. Do not hire someone who drives Lean or talks about Lean as a set of tools that get implemented in order to achieve efficiencies. The tools are just that, tools. You have to know what context to use them in. You need to know when to use the hammer and when to use the screw driver.

Things To Look For When Choosing A Process Improvement Consultant

Look for a consultant who teaches your organization how to problem solve improving patient satisfaction scores.

Look for a Consultant who embeds Process Improvement into the daily activities of your front line employees and empowers them with gathering and monitoring daily patient satisfaction metrics.

Look for a consultant who only teaches Lean tools as needed to solve a problem focused on a customer metric. The use of the tools should be driven by problems in meeting the HCAHP scores. The tools should not drive Lean; patient satisfaction should drive the Lean tools used.

Our Approach To Process Improvement in Healthcare Training and Consulting Is Different

As Process Improvement consultants, our approach to Process Improvement in Healthcare and our approach to Process Improvement in manufacturing revolve around developing a leadership team, managers, supervisors, etc. that drive the Process Improvement implementation with new leadership systems. Once the leaders of the organization are driving Process Improvement, the culture will naturally begin to change. The leaders must drive and support a shift into a problem solving culture. Only once a problem solving culture has begun to evolve can the Lean tools and processes be put to their full use and create the astounding results enjoyed by hospitals such as the Seattle Children’s Hospital..

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